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Future Work

Data cleanup

In the original datafile, there are small little things I noticed that were weird. Only example I've cleaned up so far is lower-casing URLs to museum web pages to increase the odds of a match in DBpedia. There are surely other quirks to normalize either before import or during import. I'm working on updating and refining data.


Speaking of import, I'm seeing the current state of the site as a first, quick pass. Lots of records didn't import, and based on the above observation there could be greater linkage with existing data in DBpedia. This will mean either 1) figuring out a re-import process that won't duplicate data or 2) building something that will use Omeka's API to do updates and corrections or 3) some combination. I'm leaning toward the second option, just as a project to learn more Python. This will come to a head in about six months when IMLS releases an updated CSV file. As long as the MIDs don't change, at least the tools should be there to make it work.


I didn't expect to find a lot of data in Wikipedia (via queries to DBpedia), but I was surprised by how few I found. Absolutely miniscule!  I'd love to see more of our cultural heritage institutions of all sizes being recognized by having a Wikipedia page. On the next data import, that should also flow into this site.

MOAR Linked Open Data

A big part of this project was to build something real and useful that uses Linked Open Data. Starting with the URIs from DBpedia, more imports might be able to query around the LOD-space to pull in and/or correct data. I'd love to use the LOD cloud to push corrected data back to IMLS, with things like more accurate and precise locations, descriptions, and maybe even related publications. Ideas and suggestions enthusiastically welcomed!

Get Social

I haven't turned on things like commenting here. Should I? Would that be useful to feed back to the museum, or to IMLS?

Plus, I'd love to see if this could connect to various social media sites somehow.. First one on my mind, with a nod to the #drinkingAboutMuseums folks, is tap into the Untappd API to see what beers are being imbibed near some of these museums.